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The welcome

The school is a place where people meet and grow: children, families, teachers.

Our educational project is linked to the identity of a Catholic-Christian structure.

Our school proposes itself as a place of integral formation of the person for the benefit of all children without discrimination.

And it is precisely on the centrality of the person that our educational and didactic choices depend.

Experiential Methodology

In fact, the educational team has chosen and shares the Experiential Methodology as a tool for planning and organizing educational and teaching activities

The idea

is to modulate training proposals aimed at becoming aware of oneself, of others and of the reality that surrounds us.


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A walk in time

It is now well known that dinosaurs stimulate children's curiosity, interest and wonder.
In recent millennia, men have asked themselves many questions about these prehistoric animals:
Why did the dinosaurs disappear? Who was there before? Who came next? When there were dinosaurs, were there humans? These will be the " stimulus questions " to introduce children to prehistory.
Our journey takes on a journey that goes from the " big bang ", to the appearance of the first living beings, from dinosaurs to primitive men and how the latter, thanks to their intelligence, improved their quality of life.
The programming will be structured in such a way that children can learn " HISTORY " by reliving it through the game-workshop.

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Catholic religion

Religious education is part of the educational and didactic path of the Kindergarten, which deals in particular with the growth and development of children's personalities. The activities of Religione Cattolica offer opportunities for the formation of the new generations and for their maturation, promoting the deepening of reflection on their experiences in order to give an adequate answer to their questions. Throughout the school year, children will be helped to become aware of themselves and of the world around them, through the discovery of the gifts they receive every day.

The Legend of the Three Trees

Children aged 3-4-5 are involved. The laboratory will be carried out by the section teachers and Don Gianluigi. Often children tend to conform and copy fashions from each other and are not always ready to accept diversity. By diversity we do not mean only ethnicity, but also diversity of character, habits, physical appearance ... This design intends to make children understand that God loves us in our uniqueness, that we are not all the same but that we have a specific task that can be carried term thanks to the peculiarity of each one.

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You did everything for me

Children aged 3-4-5 years are involved.

The workshop will be carried out by Don Gianluigi Braga and the section teachers.
The path intends to convey to the child day after day and step by step the beauty and joy of discovering all creation in its greatness, diversity, beauty and preciousness.
In CREATION the highest gift is US , that is, each man who is unique, unrepeatable and called by name by God the Father

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We learn to think by playing

Cooding project

This path involves 5 year old children.

The aim of the experience is to accompany children in the discovery of computational thinking, that is, to ensure that they can learn to think by playing to find solutions to various problems.

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Children aged 3-4-5 years are involved.

The laboratory is led by Dr. Ilaria Papis (Psychomotricist).

The proposed activities are based on spontaneous play, as the child bases his discoveries and knowledge on action and movement.

Thanks to the expressiveness of the game and non-verbal language, he is given the opportunity to learn about himself, the space, but above all he is offered the opportunity to have a stimulating and enriching group educational experience.
During the course, in addition to spontaneous experiments with the game, motor activities with specific objectives will be proposed starting from the needs of the group, in order to create a climate of well-being, trust and safety.
In fact, the child, not being judged for what he does and how he acts, feels respected in his times and understood in his way of expressing himself and being.
Psychomotor play also promotes the transition from the pleasure of acting to the pleasure of thinking, thanks to the verbal reworking of experiences, an opportunity to express one's experience and share it with others and with adults.

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Traveling across time

Children aged 3-4-5 years are involved.
It will be led by Dr. Romina Lentini.
Children aged 3 to 5 have a natural aptitude for the English language.
Exposure to a new language in this age group becomes a privileged condition for future learning.
The aim is for children to become "familiar" with English in a playful and fun way.
Therefore, structured activities will alternate with motor-linguistic games, creative manual activities, games and songs.

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I play and I learn

A project born from the need to improve spatial orientation, eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.
The proposed methodology is preparatory to becoming familiar with the tools and materials that will be used daily in the first class of primary school.

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Children as young as 5 years old will be involved.

The workshop will be led by the Commander of the Montano Brigade Lucino Milko Tagliabue .
The motivation behind a road education project in nursery schools is to encourage children to acquire adequate and safe behavior on the road. The internalization of some rules from early childhood takes on a fundamental meaning in the child's growth path as a future citizen and as an aware and responsible user of the road system.

Children will be encouraged to understand the rules of the road and will experience them. The laboratory will be divided into two parts: theoretical and practical.

A road route with signs will be created inside the school courtyard which will allow them to translate what they have learned "in the field".

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Environmental education

Children aged 3-4-5 years are involved

The workshop is conducted by experts from the childhood area of the KOINE ASSOCIATION .

Excursion into the territory with playful-exploratory and manipulated activities , based on sensoriality to enhance the discovery and begin to create, even in the little ones, affection for the territory while feeling comfortable in a natural space.

Depending on the period chosen, you will experience the seasonal peculiarities, retracing the steps of Volpino, a fox cub to discover everything that surrounds him unknown to him.

Themes: seasonality, shapes and colors, sensorial exploration, manipulation with natural materials.

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Augmentative Alternative Communication


AAC is the whole set of strategies, tools and techniques implemented in clinical and domestic settings (school) to guarantee communication to people who cannot express themselves verbally.
AAC does not aim to replace verbal language: on the contrary, as it is augmentative, AAC provides for the simultaneous presence of an alternative tool and standard oral verbal language, which accompanies the symbol visually and orally, through the support of the communicative partner who pronounce aloud.

The symbol then becomes an alternative support that accompanies the incoming oral verbal stimulus, and, if the possibilities exist, accompanies and does not inhibit the outgoing verbal production. Consequently, Augmentative Communication does not inhibit the possible emergence of verbal language, but on the contrary aims to enhance it.

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Strengthening the prerequisites for primary school in nursery school

Metaphonology is a metalinguistic knowledge that allows the child to distinguish and operate with the syllables and phonemes that make up the Italian language.

Good metaphonological skills and good training on mathematical prerequisites are essential for future school learning and to reduce the risk of any future school difficulties.

The project involves the holding of a laboratory to strengthen tests in primary school, aimed at all children in the last year of nursery school, subject to parental authorization.

By clicking on the button below you can watch a short video presentation by the speech therapist Dr. Cristina Pagani.

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Path of artistic and expressive workshops

Fantastic journey among natural materials and more

When we talk about creativity everything seems to indicate that we are faced with a fundamental characteristic inherent in human nature, faced with a potential granted to everyone from birth, which very often is lost, blocked or buried, unfortunately already as children.
But children are still capable of starting from nothing and transforming it into something special, it is up to us adults to provide them with this space of pure experimentation and discovery, letting them listen, study and create from simple, poor materials.
The path aims to ensure that children can find themselves in an adequate space, set up with the utmost care and in contact with different materials, therefore finding themselves in the "ideal state" for immersion in the creative environment, and stimulated through some specific means they can experiment with the techniques and tools of art, experimenting in total serenity.
At the beginning of the workshop a story will be proposed, which each time will offer the children a new material, through which they will be able to play, paint and build images of great visual impact.

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